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Many countries in the world are turning to the Russian made Su27 from the current period as the fighter aircraft of choice for their military aviation. No, not even close, but realize that indeed it’s accessible to all countries as Russia doesn’t discriminate to hostile or rogue countries in their arms deals; you have the money, they got the airplanes and they’re building more. So, why is everybody buying these aircraft and what is it that makes it so good anyway?

Well the story of this SU-27 is similar to many of the fighters produced by Russia’s top aeronautical scientists from 1968 to 1975;

There have been several modifications and refinements and now it’s truly not a player anymore. The Su-27 was much in reaction to the F-15 and it was competing with the Mig 29 Fulcrum in Russia at that time also.

Interestingly enough in the long run the US won’t have pilots in their aircraft and with morphing wings, 18″G” UAVs and speed of light transmissions, goal identification and hypersonic speeds the conflicts will be over before they start. Greater range and Artificial Intelligence, laser shooting, the match will be over for a piloted aircraft interceptor.

That’s essentially the reality and really it’s only physics, simple things really, that’s where the US is at in tech?

You will need to select a lot better technology if you wish to be taken seriously. Like the SU-33 which China is purchasing 50 of. As as Venezuela talks of purchasing Mig 29s, that isn’t actually a threat to the USA.

Now bear in mind that Russian Lt. Gen. Igor Khvorov, the commander of Russian long-lived aviation spanned over the North Pole undetected to prove it’s something to sell China apart from only the Russian Su-33. A recent exercise included 70 Tu-160, Tu-95 and Tu-22M3 bombers, which test-fired 18 cruise missiles and a few of those bombers crossed the Arctic Ocean and flew over the North Pole and reached Alaska, while others crossed the Aleutian Islands and Japan’s western shore without entering any nation’s airspace. If you wish to frighten people, you want to use different aircraft and much more plausible scenarios, Still Overall, USA is a good deal better than you think with micro-tethered satellites and getting into the kill zone of a battle group or US controlled airspace? Well you’re really going to need to work on it or you’re toast you see? Perhaps of interest in thinking about the Su-27 and Russian military aircraft available to the highest bidder in 2007.

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