A day that will live in infamy

Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, Evening, Dusk

Each year more and more people forget Pearl Harbor, and there are fewer statements in the news about it. Within another decade very few will still be alive, who were there to remind us and their recollections will not be so good anyway. Most likely, it is going to be us who reminds them of the fateful day and what exactly happened.

We must not allow our history perish and we should not forget the perils of warfare or the day at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It’s up to each one of us to remember and read up on this December 7, 1941 and we shouldn’t let that memory die. It is essential that we make sure it is taught in schools, as it’s paramount that we protect all we are and all we have built from potential future threats.

Look and Listen up because this is important. Each year a growing number of people forget about Pearl Harbor and quite honestly, that is unacceptable and it’s a spit in the face of our ancestors who built this wonderful nation. We cannot allow that to happen. It is each and everyone’s responsibility to read up on this, know your background and pass this information down.

Have a conversation with your family about this December 7th and discuss how different the world is and how it’s also much the same. We were attacked on 9-11 because we let our guard down and when we failed to protect our great nation we did so at the expense of the people who died on September 11, 2001. Think about it.

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